krystin + sam – a sealing!

This past summer, my family and I traveled to Southern California to see lots of our family and friends. It just so happened that my sister, Krystin, was being sealed to her husband, Sam, at the San Diego temple while we were planning on being down there. So, I brought my camera along and tried to capture a few images for them.

While we were waiting for them to come out of the temple, after the ceremony, I had a few moments to play with the sun, which was just peeking out from behind the spire with the statue of Moroni on it.

Their kids were only so tolerant of the camera (though who can blame them…so am I).

Sam and Krystin_0010

More after the jump.

It was great to see one of my previous Bishops there (from the ward I grew up in) with his wife.

Sam and Krystin_0014

My mom and dad with Krystin and Sam.

Sam and Krystin_0028

The whole gang (want to see it bigger?).

Sam and Krystin_0037

We had a great time making some quick images with just the two of them.

Sam and Krystin_0059

Sam and Krystin_0067

I snapped just a couple of shots from my seat at the restaurant afterwards of my son and my kid sister (one of them, at least).

Sam and Krystin_0072

a sister and some bokeh

Any time I get to spend time with my family is a good time. Even better when there’s a camera involved. 😉

Congratulations, Krystin and Sam! And sorry these took so long to get out to you.


3 comments on “krystin + sam – a sealing!”

  1. Nice photos! I love the San Diego Temple but have never had the opportunity to go. I suppose that’s a consequence of having never been to California.

    Do you do any photo editing? I struggle with getting the clear, true color I see in many others’ photos. I use a D50 and only have the experience that comes with taking a lot of photos. Any tips? It’s the biggest thing I struggle with because I can’t even pinpoint exactly what hues are too strong. I just know the color seems very amateur… Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful temple! Great effect with Moroni!

  3. The SD Temple is tricky to photograph. Group shot need some creativity…It isn’t like SLC Temple with all of the steps!!! Great shots. Like the lens flare one!

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