the ghost of christmas present

A very skilled photographer that I follow recently posted a picture of his Christmas tree that I decided I had to try. Michelle was my (somewhat) willing model and it only took 4 or 5 tries to get the effect right.

My favorite part is the sparkle that can be seen in the reflection on one of the pictures behind the tree.

ISO 100, 30s (that’s right, 30 seconds), f/10, 18mm, cross-cut filter


6 comments on “the ghost of christmas present”

  1. Very, very cool Rik. We just bought our tree . . . and have only strung about half the lights on it. But I’m hoping for some cool tree shots myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That is a really cool pic, Rik. I have to admit that your photograpy skills (not to mention photogeneity) are superior to mine. Nice to hear from you as well.

  3. dave, the photogeneity is added in photoshop. it’s just another skill. 😉

  4. gorgeous picture Rik! I have to admit that when you said Michelle was my model…I was like wait a second, there’s a model in this picture!?! I saw her once I took a second look.

    And are there some kind of textures on there too?

    I love photos that make me scrutinize everything looking for all the cool little details!

  5. thanks, kyle…glad to make you look a little closer.

    there aren’t any textures on it–i am still a texture newbie, really. i want to experiment with them a bit more, but don’t have any really good textures to work with and nothing to purchase any with. i have some that i shot myself that i just need to try out. i think what you’re seeing in the picture that might be textures is the shadows that the christmas tree lights are casting on the walls around it.

  6. This could be a cool christmas card. We might have to steal the idea next year. 🙂 I don’t know if toddlers will stand still for the 15 or so seconds needed though. Fun experiment.

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