capturing the magic

By: rik

Dec 27 2007

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Category: personal


An image I’m particularly proud of, even though it was just a test shot I fired to test the light before shooting our Christmas magnet images (more about those later). I shot completely on manual: manual camera settings and manual flash settings. The reflection of the photographer and his mud room in the window was just an added bonus.

ISO 100, 1/80s, f3.5, 50mm, flash bounced off the ceiling, 1/4 power (if I remember right)


3 comments on “capturing the magic”

  1. Really cute shot. 🙂

  2. congrats on going manual. now for the tricky part…. manual focus!

    this shot is so fun and spooky at the same time! what a cutie you got there!!!


  3. thanks, ashley!

    oh marina, now you just scared the pants off me! i’ve only used manual focus a couple of times, but only, only on a static subject. using it on a real person is terrifying.

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