new toys, same joys

My kids are discovering the joys of Polaroid pictures, right on the eve of Polaroid’s quiet passage into the void. Here’s my daughter’s first Polaroid shot.
For anyone that missed it, Polaroid has announced that it’s going to discontinue making Polaroid instant film at the end of the year. Stock up while you can, if you care.


2 comments on “new toys, same joys”

  1. ugh! while i can see the reason behind it, that makes me sad. i can still remember my grampa (may he rest in peace) waving the images that came from his polaroid in the air to make the image develop… ‘careful’ he would say as he handed them to us. what a statement of how the world is changing…

    but then, i guess i shouldn’t be that suprised… my mom, the woman with about 30 undeveloped rolls of my childhood memories tucked away in the drawers in the upstairs hall of her house, the one who said she didn’t need a digital camera because “who needed the photos anyway there are all the rolls undeveloped upstairs and we lived with out them!” just bought a digital camera…

    *sigh* what is the world coming to?

  2. The end of an era…it is sad. I have a new mission, I WILL buy out any polaroid film I can get my hands on, and dig out the old camera too. Lovely images you have there!

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