just spreading the word

For a while now, I’ve been using this blog to post some of my favorite personal images, along with the occasional shoot that I’ve been able to do along the way. I’ve often thought of how this blog would look to someone who was purely interested in me as a professional, as someone that they might consider hiring to make images for them, and I’ve come to realize that while there is much about this blog that I like, it simply doesn’t give me an easy way to present what I consider to be some of my finest images in a professional looking portfolio.

I puzzled over how to put one together, whether the basic tools provided by my blog service (wordpress.com, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in putting their own blog together) gave me the power to really craft a nice looking collection of my work. And basically, they don’t; I mean, they’re a brilliant blog service, not a portfolio host.

That’s about when I heard about carbonmade.com, a site completely dedicated to helping visual artists put together professional portfolios in a snap. And basically, they do it really well.

There’s a free account you can sign up for that allows you to post a limited number of projects with a limited number of images. On the one hand, it’s very…well, limited. On the other hand, though, this has really forced me to look at everything I’ve put together in the last year or so and decide what are actually my best images.

It was super easy to set everything up and super easy to adjust things once I saw how it was all coming together. Most of it is check-box and drag-and-drop simple with stunning results. Here’s a little sneak peek (if you want to see more, just click the picture to go to the portfolio):

Is it perfect? No. Like anything designed with simplicity in mind, there are some more advanced controls missing that I’m hoping they’ll add someday. For example, right now, you can’t customize the project thumbnail image (like the ones above). They just use the middle of whatever image is first in the gallery. So, you have to choose which is your first image very carefully to make sure there is something of interest within that space.

That said, I’m very firmly in like with my portfolio. Head on over, click around for a while and check it all out, then use the back button a whole bunch to pop back over here and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear it all, both positive and negative.

And finally, if you’re in the Wamego area (and by “area,” I mean Manhattan, Junction City, Westmoreland, Alma, anything close by…shoot, even Topeka, on a good day) and have a family, kid, kids, baby bump or senior that you’d like images of, contact me to see about the possibility of getting your session shot for free to help me build my portfolio!


2 comments on “just spreading the word”

  1. Hi Ric

    Congrats on your new site, I agree that photographers probably need a blog and a “folio” site.

    Opened up your site (Safari 1.2) loads quick – broadband – although fairly tall screen which goes outside my monitor. (OK for Blogs, ??? for navigation page.)
    I checked out some of your categories, but had difficulty getting back to the home page.

    All the best

  2. Steven,

    thanks for taking the time to check it out and leave some feedback. while i really, really love the large thumbnail, moving them around so that there are two thumbnails per row not only makes them all fit within my browser window, but it shows more of the interesting area of the images, something i was complaining about above. thanks for the comment!

    as for the difficulty returning to the navigation page: that’s something that’s built into the carbonmade template which i have no control over. i suppose an email to the web designers is in order. 🙂

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