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By: rik

May 01 2008

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Focal Length:10.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Can you see that little photo credit there? Yeah, that’s my name. I was so excited this week to receive a copy of The Sailor’s Book of the Weather, by Simon Keeling, and finally see one of my pictures in something that I didn’t pay to print.

It’s a fun feeling.

The publisher was searching flickr for a picture illustrating centrifugal force when she found mine and liked it enough to ask if she could use it. A pleasant side effect of having my pictures online.

In case you can’t see it, here‘s the original picture they used in the publication.

I shot that in November, 2006 with our old 3.1 MP point-and-shoot digital camera, so I’m not too sure about the settings, but here’s what the camera recorded on the picture:

ISO 100, 1/14s, f3.7, 10.9mm

The slow shutter speed (1/14s) is what’s producing the motion blur over most of the picture. The reason that the hand and bar are in (reasonable) focus is because I was panning, moving my camera from side to side, as I took the picture. It’s a really fun technique that you can use with any moving object with sometimes very surprising results.


2 comments on “exciting news”

  1. Hi Rik,
    Well done, always exciting to have something used in a publication. Glad that they asked you if they could use it and gave credit next to the picture! You just never know who’s looking at your images. Any payment?????

  2. boy, don’t i wish…no remuneration on this one. next time. 🙂

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