sweet little d

By: rik

Jun 04 2008

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Two weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of driving down to Pillsbury Crossing to meet young master D, a brand-new, 11-day-old little boy. His family has some beautiful farmland just around the corner from the river crossing, which almost made me late getting there. You would think that Google could put on their map if your directions take you, oh, I don’t know, through a river! I did end up getting there safe and sound after calling little D’s mom, just to confirm that all of the signs reading “Warning! Do not cross the river! You will die!” weren’t really all that serious.

We had a fantastic session. It was my first session with a newborn, but since it was D’s first session too, we were all able to relax and have a great time. šŸ™‚

The rest of the session is posted here.


4 comments on “sweet little d”

  1. I could look at these pictures all day, although I am a little biased, I am thier mom. A really liked the pictures, especially of baby’s feet.

    I liked all of them, but the baby in the basket with the flowers is my favorite. I will write more later.

    Rik, thanks so much. You did a fabulous job and are very creative.

  2. What beautiful pictues! Great photography!

  3. So sweet!!! Great photography and beautiful subject! These will be treasured photos.


  4. Of course I think they are adorable, because of the subject mater:-) They remind me a little of Anne Geddies, and her baby photos. Although, they are still unique–especially the close-ups of baby D and his feet. From one photography to another, I really like your use of light, it makes them come to life.

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