olivia + mac

By: rik

Jun 06 2008

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Oh boy…I am excited to be posting today. As I’ve been going down my checklist of sessions to process and post, I was really looking forward to this one. This is from Olivia and Mac’s engagement session, which we shot back in mid-May at the K-State Botanical Gardens. Olivia is the brave soul that hired me to shoot her wedding before I had ever shot anything wedding-related. Since then, I’ve been assisting Alan Honey at a number of weddings, and this weekend I’ll be working for another good friend of mine, Nicole Coleman of Nicoleman Photography, second shooting for her. I still have a bunch of Alan’s weddings left to assist at this summer as well, but Olivia’s will be my first solo wedding.

Hop on over to my business blog to see the session here.


8 comments on “olivia + mac”

  1. these photographs are BEAUTIFUL!!

    I love the way the couple’s so comfortable in front of the camera…..all kudos to you!

  2. Gorgeous images!

  3. We had such a great time working with you! The pictures are AMAZING. Since you posted them we’ve been telling everyone we know to check out your blog. We can’t wait for the wedding!!

  4. hey its Libby, remember olivia…ur little couzin 😛
    beautifull pics
    u guys look so in love (l)
    can’t wait to see you at christmas
    lots of love
    love Libby

  5. pretty pictures 🙂

  6. Oliva is getting married! Congrats Olivia. You’re in good hands. 🙂

  7. Those look so awesome! I love the variety of poses and facial expressions. You did great. My dad keeps saying he’s training his competition. I do believe he is correct.

  8. Yeah! Rik’s doing you’re wedding? That’s awesome for both him and you. These engagement pics look great, and I’ve seen his other stuff, so you’re, no doubt, in good hands. Way to keep it local. And by local I mean OIP local. Good luck planning the rest of your wedding.

    Love ya!

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