Thak you for sideing my hors bake to me…

By: rik

Jan 08 2009

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I rile mist it. From Chloe.

In the very unlikely possibility that you can’t understand this, I’ll provide a translation:

Thank you for sending my horse back to me. I really missed it. From Chloe.

The backstory: We brought a friend of ours on vacation with us to California. She came along to help watch the kids (and because she was thinking of moving there and wanted to try it out first), but we couldn’t get her on the same flight as us because we didn’t actually decide this until well after our tickets were purchased.

As such, she was set to arrive a few hours after us, which wasn’t that big of a deal, considering we were arriving at a decent our in the late afternoon/evening. No problem. We set off in search of the Cracker Barrel restaurant we had spied on the way to the airport the week before and planned to pass our time there eating and shopping.

The food was good. The shopping was entertaining. The kids loved playing with all the vintage toys they have there. My wife enjoyed looking at, well, everything. And since she was happy, I was happy.

It wasn’t until we had picked up our friend and arrived home and put the kids to bed and slept and woken up the next day that we discovered that our daughter’s prized stuffed horse was missing. She had had it on the plane with her to comfort her, had brought it to dinner with her, and that’s the last we remembered it.

We called Cracker Barrel and asked if they had found it. Sure enough, they had and had kept it, knowing that some little girl would be missing it. We started trying to figure out when we could drive the 2.5 hours back out there to pick it up when the manager said that they would send it. Free.

Significant pause while our brain tries to understand what she just said.


Yep. They dropped it in the mail and it showed up a couple days later. Apparently, since they’re located very close to the airport, people from all over the country lose stuff there all the time and they’re more than happy to ship it back. Free.

I had no idea that such kindness existed in corporate America.

And so, with my daughter, I just wanted to say “Thak you,” Cracker Barrel. You made one little girl very happy.

And if you happen to be in the Kansas City Airport neighborhood, make sure you drop by the Cracker Barrel and grab a bite to eat or some countryfied goodness for your home; they actually deserve it.

ISO 100, 1/50s, f2.8, 28mm


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