across an endless sea of stars

By: rik

Feb 23 2009

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Category: children, personal, photography

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’ve been going through the old files lately, getting ready to clean them off the main hard drive (after I backed them up to my main backup drive and DVDs, of course). I found this little gem that I shot about a week after getting the camera. The focus isn’t stellar, but I just love the feeling of the shot and the very cool background I got in there. Yes, that is the actual background. It’s a speckled, black foam playground top. I really, really need to get back there and shoot again.

I went back and reprocessed this to get it a bit closer to the way I originally wanted it (but couldn’t figure out how to do at the time). The Totally Rad Actions played a key role in this.

ISO 400, 1/30s, f4.0, 28mm


One comment on “across an endless sea of stars”

  1. I love it. Isnt it refreshing to know we don’t completely suck even in the beginning.
    Great picture.

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