where i was last night

By: rik

Jun 08 2009

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Category: personal, photography


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:15 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

As I left a friend’s house around 10:00 last night, there was a massive lightning storm passing us to the north (I would later discover that it was near the Kansas-Nebraska border, a good 60 miles away). It was putting on quite a display, I actually had my camera with me, and my family was in California (and so not expecting me home soon), so I drove out to the local sports complex to take some pictures.

I used a mini-tripod to support the camera, a cable release, and a decently long exposure to capture this. The light on the grass comes from the parking lot lights that were nowhere near us, just to give you an idea of how long the camera shutter was open.

ISO 250, 15 seconds, f8, 40mm


8 comments on “where i was last night”

  1. Wowza!! What a beautiful lightening shot, Rik!

  2. LOVE it!!!! Great great great photo Rik! Super jealous! I knew I should’ve gone out last night!

  3. Holy cow, that is an absolutely amazing shot. I’ve seen nothing like it. Put that shot in a frame, and you’ve got a top selling piece!

  4. Wow…VERY nice shot!

  5. thanks, guys! it was really hard to capture exactly what i was seeing. there were a lot of strikes within the cloud that lit it quite dramatically from the inside. it was next to impossible to capture that feeling, but this one came closest. =]

  6. this is an AMAZING picture. i love thunderstorms! well done!

  7. awww… now, THAT is the Oklahoma & Kansas I miss. I know exactly what you mean about the lightening inside the clouds, so amazing. You are right, this one does have the feel of how cool the full storm really is. Way to take advantage of not having to get right home! Great shot.

  8. Great juxtaposition of the smooth curving lines made by man from natural elements and the jagged curving lines made by nature. Great stuff Rik!

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