not your usual obligatory fireworks photo

By: rik

Jul 05 2009

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Category: personal, photography


Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:4 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

It’s hard to go to a big fireworks show and not take the camera along. And since Wamego has what they describe as the “biggest hand-fired fireworks show in the Midwest and possibly in the nation,” there was no way I could resist.

I’ve tried doing the typical fireworks picture before, but never got anything I was pleased with. This year, I read an article from JPG Magazine on using focus shift to create really interesting fireworks pictures.

I tried it, and I’m in love.

Basically, you set your camera on a tripod (and this type of shot requires a camera that has a manual-focus ring on the lens, so probably an SLR-type camera) and use your longest lens. Use manual focus and a long shutter speed. During the exposure, change the focus. You can go from focused to out of focus or the other way around. On this one, I went from unfocused to focused. Just make sure you don’t shake the tripod during the exposure. 😉

More to come.

ISO 100, 4 seconds, f11, 75mm, focus shift


6 comments on “not your usual obligatory fireworks photo”

  1. Damnit, I just went to a fireworks show tonight, I wish I had read this a few hours ago, I would have liked to try this! That’s really cool, I’ll have to remember this!

  2. Sweet shot Rik! I wonder if you might also try shooting through a shape template — you’ve seen the shots of Christmas trees and other lights where the lights take on the shape of the cutout?!

  3. That is awesome! Next year I will be trying that out!

  4. This is just amazing !!! wow..

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